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the world of die casting technology

frech is a producer of high quality die casting and injection molding tools for aluminum, magnesium, zinc and plastic. hsc (high speed cutting), a cutting technique with extremely high cutting speeds, guarantees reliable, high quality production, especially for complex die casting tools. frech core competence lies in tooling up to 1000 x 1000 mm.

combining the best: high skilled engineers and experience

as a reliable partner to the die casting industry with a proven track record, frech has firmly established and extended its own tooling manufacturing. experienced engineers with comprehensive knowledge of tool making will ensure the best possible results by combining experience and clear customer focus mentality. our updated, state-of-the-art hsc-machines guarantee the realization with highest precision.

frech manufactures tools for aluminum, magnesium, zinc and plastic industries:

§  proven track record in tooling manufacturing

§  best casting and surface quality through optimized systems

§  shorter cycle-times by precisely simulated and verified die layouts and correct die temperature control

§  highest life span due to hsc-machined surfaces

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