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the world of die casting technology


efficient integrated
we use our great die casting process knowledge for more than die casting machines. thanks to our great partners and subsidiaries we can offer the best integrated automation systems for casting cell out of one hand. frech group companies design and manufacture dosing furnaces, dosing devices, zinc remelting furnaces, ingot preheating and charging devices, spraying devices, weighing devices, conveyors, casting extractors, die temperature control units and high grade die casting dies.

we are proud to introduce some of these products.

robotics and advanced automation


optimize your production – automation and die casting machines in perfect harmony 
higher market demands require increased full automation of die casting processes. our highly trained and experienced engineers can realize all your automation requirements. this offers our customers the unbeatable benefit of getting their whole die casting cell and automation requirements from one source. reduce your complexity, maximize your production, reduce your costs and ask us now.

§  one point of contact for all your needs reduce your complexity

§  unbeatable price / performance ratio

§  from consulting to implementation high skilled engineers at your side

heating- and cooling units


the temperature of the die is a significant factor influencing the casting quality and efficiency of the die casting process.

reduce heating times, extend the life time of the die 
robamat temperature control units have been developed especially for the hardest environments. heating- and cooling units for a reliable heat exchange, flexible even in small spaces, heat transfer based on oil or pressurized water systems, designed as state-of-the-art technology for a sophisticated temperature circuit.

robamat heating and cooling units guarantee:

§  best possible surfaces

§  narrow tolerances even at complicated shapes

§  continuous quality of castings

§  shortest cycle times

gripmat removal unit


quick to install, simple to operate, flexible to fit your needs
with a stable and robust design the gripmat is suitable for both hot and cold chamber die casting machines and guarantee you precise movements with a secure gripping. gripmat is characterized by

§  easy setup

§  fast, precise gripping and confirmation of gripping success

§  3 optional movement sequences

§  electrically driven

§  pneumatic gripping

§  robust construction



high speed, high accuracy
our spraying system spraymotion and the continuous development of various spraying tools are fulfilling all requirements for the most sophisticated die spraying technology:

§  highly accurate positioning and reproducibility

§  high dynamics and high velocity driving speeds

§  powerful spraying tools for the most complicated geometries

§  optimized liquid preparation and feeding

feedmat 3


robust solution for cold chamber machine feeding
the fully automatic dosing unit feedmat offers high precision in a robust 2-arm design. the user-friendly control system and flexibility to be used on either side of most die casting machines offers you the perfect solution to automate your cold chamber production.

§  simple and easy adjustment in 3 axes

§  linear movements of vertical and horizontal drives enabling easy access to injection sleeves

§  ladle follows automatically metal bath level with high dosing accuracy



highest dosing precision for aluminum, magnesium, zinc
with the experienced austrian furnace manufacturer meltec at our side, frech has a partner with great know-how in melting and holding of non-ferrous-alloys. meltec developed the best furnace technology for steady metal-bath levels, stable temperatures and cleanest alloys.

equipment for feeding and re-melting materials and magnesium dosing furnaces complete the great product range offered by meltec:

§  single and multi-chamber melting and holding furnaces for zinc, tin and lead

§  hot chamber machine furnaces for magnesium

§  magnesium dosing furnaces for cold chamber machines

§  preheating and charging devices for magnesium

§  zinc-melting and feeding systems