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the world of die casting technology

frech (shanghai) cold-chamber die casting machines are flexible and reliable, no matter if you are interested in aluminum die casting or magnesium die casting. top-of-the-range technology that results from a unique symbiosis of decades of experience, empowerment of our employees and perfection in the implementation.

with locking forces ranging from 2,750 kn and 52,000 kn we offer a range of possibilities for your individual needs. no matter if you want to produce small purchased parts, engine blocks, transmission housings, chassis or body components, we do have the right solution for you.
thanks to our patented vacural technology, frech is a world leader in manufacturing engineering for lightweight designs.

our machines are designed with unique focus on customer requirements and therefore offer flexibility to suit your requirements as well as high reliably. this leads to high production quality and low production costs.

we are proud that our machines are used for a variety of industries where especially high quality demands a prerequisite. if your customers want guaranteed high quality results and you want to minimize scrap our cold chamber machines are sure to deliver.

high flexibly – high quality

our machines will match all your requirements and ensure that all your quality expectations will be met
with countless machines in use worldwide we have a proven track record in cold chamber die casting machines
you need to work with precision and control over your production process. our cold chamber machines have high reproducibility of parts

reduce costs

high reliability reduces down time and maximizes the effectiveness of your machines
a proven track record of the long lifespan will reduce your total cost of ownership and ensure that you are satisfied to use our machines not only in the beginning but over the whole time you are using them.

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