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the world of die casting technology


with decades of experience and innovations in the manufacturing of hot chamber die casting machines, frech has developed a unique knowledge of the required and optimized process technology. with our hot chamber technology we are able to fulfill all die casting market demands for quality and flexibly. our machines can produce functional parts with the lowest of tolerances as well as decorative parts with a very high surface quality. 

we do not copy others, we innovate! frech is renowned for ground breaking technical developments. frech built the very first hot chamber die casting machine for magnesium in the world and ever since, we have proven our capabilities for manufacturing hot chamber machines with locking force up to 6000 kn. our continuous improvement processes assures faster injection units, inductive nozzles and goosenecks heating for a stable die casting process and in-house furnace technology for the feeding, melting and holding of magnesium the best integration on the market today. 

the low specific casting pressure in hot chamber die casting offers the economic advantage of machines with a lower locking force for faster and lower cost production.


low total cost of ownership

•    long-life machines ensure that your total cost of ownership is outstandingly low
•    extremely fast cycle times and low maintenance costs

precision and quality

•    our machines have a proven track record and are produced with german precision and quality standards
•    if your customers demand high-quality results, then we are the right partner for you

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